Hermit Homesteads is a satirical piece created for the 3rd-year Industrial Design Fall studio course at the University of the Arts. (By Leslie Zacharkow, Tyler Scholl, and William Schaecher)

The half-semester long project was an exercise in rotational molding, a technique used to create hollow, plastic forms from a mold.

PLASTIC? My group was less than enthused. Coming from a program that boasts sustainability and encourages eco-friendly construction, we felt sour about making yet another piece of plastic junk.

And so, armed with gallons of toxic roto-resin, a DIY roto-molder, and a rhetorical warning from our professors, "Don't make more sh*t," we made the best and worst piece of plastic craftsmanship that sarcastic industrial designers could produce.

Posing as the "Scholl Brothers", a spin-off of housing developers Toll Brothers, we introduce...

Hermit Homesteads.

Some say diamonds are forever, but here at Scholl Brothers, we say Plastic is Forever.

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