A nice breakfast can sweeten every morning: aromatic coffee, tender chocolate, juicy bananas - a table full of delicous snacks. But at whose cost? How does it affect the world when a single European has a comfortable breakfast? The situation is tense - change it!

Entry from sinnwerkstatt for the Rec-A-Fair competition 2011

Director: Ian Delu
Assistant director: Patricia Sack
Written by: Ian Delu & Laura Hieber
Production: Gian Luca Di Carlo
Camera: Gian Luca Di Carlo
Camera Assistant: Simon Reichenbach
Editor: Ian Delu, Patricia Sack
Postpro: Simon Reichenbach
Sound: Arne Bollinger & Simon Konrad
Lighting: Jana Pape
Set design: Maryna Lavrenyuk
Make-up: Elif Icöz
Runner: Yuri Knauth

Cast: Angelique Kutzner, Ladislau Pascual, Puconia Miguel, Davide Delù

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