Research by Amleto Picerno Ceraso, Gawel Tyrala, Konstanty Stajniak, Michal Grzymala, Santiago Mañero Navarro

Assigment for Internet Zero seminar at Iaac
Topic - Automation of lighting systems, living skins

The idea was to create the wall which in case approach any person to its surface will change the visibility and make impossible to look inside into the private space of the inhabitant. The wall consist of modular cells with the dimensions 30×30 cm. In each cell three fans are located which are connected to the motion sensor. Person entering to the sensor active zone [1,5 m from the wall surface] by his motion actuate the sensor which actuate fans. Fans by their movement make the foamed polystyrene balls flying. Movement of the balls block off the view and change transparency of the wall. Active sensors actuate also stripes of leds located in the cells creating sensual scene of flying balls similar to water motion. The wall can be programmed in several different behaviors and give different impressions. It was created as a modular object and can be implementet in many different scenarios.
The cell construction.
The cell has a internal closed space filled by foamed polystyrene balls and external open space in which all wiring system was placed. Internal surface in the lowest and highest parts is filled by small holes which enable natural air movement. Back part of the cell [internal surface of the wall] impenetrable the air at all, front part of the cell [external surface of the wall] is filled by small holes and make possible to flow natural air from the atmosphere. All parts are made from transparent plexiglass.

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