The colorful voice of Amelite Galli-Curci here celebrates the creative passion and obsessive collecting of her contemporary, Ganna Walska.

In the early 20th Century, Madame Walska, with the support of six successive husbands, had a career as an opera singer, without critical approval. In 1941 she purchased a property in Montecito, California, which decades before had been a nursery known as Tanglewood. After divorcing her final husband, she began pouring her time and wealth into the estate grounds and renamed it, Lotusland. Over the next four decades she would create maze-like garden habitats of rare and otherworldly plant specimens unlike the world had ever known.

This is a tribute to her. Recorded in the nursery that furthers her vision and the future of Lotusland.

By Ethan Turpin, 2011

First exhibited in 2011 at The Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum as part of Nymphaea and the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

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