Cattle sale - Tamworth Saleyards 2009
A new $15.2 million dollar saleyard facility will soon replace this one. This will be a another thing of the past, gone from our culture.
Art or Observation? What are the absolute basics. How can the camera be given over to the event, situation, moment? Is there inherent narrative in the observational approach?
What happens when you try to work without the paraphernalia, processes and conventions of "film making".
Taking the "point and shoot" design of a consumer level Mini DV camcorder as a principle of filmmaking.
What is it to work against "art", "cinematography", the agenda of the documentary maker, the TV news crew, the auteur or even a client brief.

One title, one transition, on board mike - no grading or sound mix. Loose editing.
No set ups, rapid framing, no manipulation of light or sound - point and shoot. Just one step way from the cellphone eye witness camera.
Intrude a little as possible, impose the least amount of 'artifice' on the ordinary - the day to day.
It's like putting the history and rule books of film and cinema through a shredder.
Cut in iMovie. Shot with Panasonic NV-DS65 mini DV, SD.

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