I created this simple stop motion sequence as part of a short video that I am currently creating. As its shot in HiDef I thought I may as well share it even though its just a brief clip.

Its just for fun !!

I filmed this using a Canon Ixus 430. I filmed this in my kitchen. It was an overcast day and I had the blinds shut to keep a constant light level but the sun came out at times, which is why the lighting is not constant.

The main "grid of wine" sequence is made from 35 Photographs, 70 if you also include the arrival of the wine bottles.
This took 16 minutes to create.

The "set of two" bottles at 0:12 is made from 46 photographs plus another 20 for the rotating bottles sequence at 0:24
This took 9 minutes to create.

I really enjoy making stop motion videos, its so easy and quick to create something like this. People seem to think it takes hours and days just to create a few seconds of animation.
This video is made from a few small seqences that have been looped, reversed and repeated.
The most dificult thing is remembering what item you need to move next as you forget whats happening frame to frame. You can always use Onion Skinning to help you with this to some extent.

My tips for making a good looking stop motion sequence :
1) You must use a tripod and make sure all the controls on it are fully tightened up and the legs are fully extended out on a solid surface.
2) Make sure you have room to work without any chance of catching the camera or tripod legs.
3) Do not touch the camera at all to take photos, use the IR remote control or better still use some remote software to do this for you.
4) Make sure the lighting is constant and even.
5) Lock the focus and Exposure on the camera.
6) Check each frame you take to make sure you have not caught your hands in the shot.

What do you think of my little video creation?

For those interested the wine is a Gallo White Zinfandel Rose Produced by Ernest & Julio.

The music is Lounge by Workbench.


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