Here's me doing my bit for Comic Relief: going to review wine at a supermarket!

To be fair it's Waitrose, who have a great selection and treat their producers well. They put a lot into wine education, have their own Masters of Wine and have even planted their own English Vineyard at Leckford.

10% of sales of the white wines featured in this show go back to Comic Relief - through an initiative started by the great Jancis Robinson: Wine Relief.

Waitrose have put it on their good sparkling Cava, a Italian (Pinot Grigio), a Chilean Viognier, and great to see a Muscadet on there - as we recently reported, the growers of that part of the Loire have had a tough couple of years weather wise.

Finally, and from their fine wine section there is a Wither Hills Pinot Gris - the richer cousin of the Pinot Grigio grape. This is a really good wine - well worth the £9.99 price tag. I know because I tried it in store with genial Jean Yves the Waitrose Wine Specialist. Run VT!

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