Veterans are NOW (with the last two wars of Iraq and Afghanistan) representing 20%-25% of the ENTIRE homeless population. A reminder that many of these Veterans are WOMEN now, sent in harm's way for America's capitalism.
Also note a staggering statistic... 92% of homeless women have been sexually assaulted. Is it SAFER in these war zones than on our own country's streets? Tough to beat that 92% statistic, don't you think?

These are the Men and Women we TRUST with guns, bombs, computers, planes, tanks, secrets, codes, our very LIVES and EXISTENCE.

And when they come home? Nearly a full QUARTER of them become homeless due to the economic conditions and the situations (some w/ PTSD) that they have faced.

I'm sure the Memorial Day Parades and fly overs by jets make better press coverage than a simple bed in a comfortable dwelling, but ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Wow!

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