Hello out there!

Due to Daniel´s busy schedule in 2010 the release of the new Haujobb album "New World March" will be delayed to 2011. Daniel had to finish the new Covenant Album "Modern Ruin" with his swedish colleagues. He also went on tour with Recoil in north america which lead to exciting collaborations: A few days ago the audiofiles of "Dead Market" were send off to Paul Kendall, who is currently mixing the song. Most likely "Dead Market" is going to be the first single from "New World March".
Daniel and Dejan are putting the finishing touches on most of the tracks for the album right now.
Haujobb are also returning to the stages of the world again: after 3 years of silence they will play their first show on 3. Sept. 2011 at the E-tropolis festival in Berlin, Germany. Let your local Promoters know, that Haujobb is back. Better. Stronger. Darker.


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