We've created a new site for Richard House where you can create your own one-off work of art. It’s the result of having played a huge game of consequences with 120 top illustrators, including Tom Gauld, Supermundane, Christine Berrie and Rose Stallard. Each has drawn a head, body or legs. They have produced some beautiful, brilliant, bonkers work, a massive thanks to everyone who has donated their time and effort.

Each unique artwork is run as a giclée print, using pure pigment inks onto archival quality matte art paper – guaranteed for 25 years.

The suggested donation for each print is £60, with P&P costing £5 in the UK and £10 elsewhere.

In short, there are:
3 body sections
120 brilliant illustrators
64,000 unique combinations

Get your combination before someone beats you to it!


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