Making a good first impression at a job interview is critical, as Mary well knows. But from the start, fate seems to be working against her. She oversleeps, and has to scramble to get ready. She can't find a taxi, and has to walk from her hotel to the office. She can't get into an overly crowded elevator, and has to take the stairs. But despite the setbacks, she manages to make it to the office on time, only to discover that — before she can utter a single syllable — the atmosphere is quite contrary to what one would normally expect. And that atmosphere becomes more bizarre with each passing moment.

Starring Shannon McManus, Hugh Hill
Featuring Shawn "Felt" Felty, Andra Whitt, Marquis

Written by Kelly Barrett, Eamon Bobowski & David Wallace
Produced by Bjorn Munson
Directed by Nello DeBlasio

TIVA Peer Awards 2011 —
Silver Award: 48 Hour Film Project - Overall

©2005 Tohubohu Productions

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