Mia Mäkelä

Green Matters is a utopian attempt to save a piece of the Baltic Sea by collecting green algae and exploring its possibilities as textile material. It is at the same time a commentary on the eutrophication problem. Eutrophication is a serious challenge for the Baltic Sea. The main culprit for this eco-catastrophe is claimed to be the agricultural waste that has been dumped into the Baltic Sea during generations. Now the Baltic Sea nations are waking up to the situation and taking up measures in order to change the situation. Collecting algae at certain moment of its cycle, releaves a bit the saturation process of nutrients in the sea.

I have collected and experimented with algae during the summer of 2010 at the The Archipelago Research Institute and on the island of Oura. I have collected, processed, weaved rugs and documented the whole process on video. It shows how everyone can, at least in theory, start their own algae rug weaving with traditional Finnish handraft techniques The video manual will be distributed online on the websites of Capsula, TURKU2011 and utube, and will be part of the exhibition.

The Green Matters exhibition resembles a laboratorium of an algae hunter. The goal is to create an active space, where visitors can discover the fascinating world of green algae and also participate on the weaving sessions. A specialized algae workshop will be organized in July 2011 on the island of Seili.

Green Matters-exhibition starts in June 2011 in Turku, as part of Curated Expedition in the Baltic Sea by Capsula and TURKU2011- Cultural Capital of Europe event.

Green Matters is part of Curated Expedition to the Baltic Sea by Capsula. Financed by Turku2011 Foundation, AVEK, Arts Council of Finland, Ympäristötaiteen Säätiö

Partners: Turku University Archipelago Sea Research Centre, Merikarvia County

Support: Hannele Köngäs, Tyyne Mäkelä, Michael Ebert

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