Mr Jennings' 2009 remix (from PLF's Transformed) of "I'm On A Boat" (originally from the SNL-crew) showed up at several key moments (for me at least) in 2010:

1) Equinocalypse - a regional burn in Charlottesville, VA
2) RVAlution Ocho - the Revolution that told us it was here to stay (the sixth of what would be 20 or so consecutive sellouts)
3) PLF's Cowboys and Indians/Cancer B-day Party where all 3 of the cowboy hats I owned at the time burned. This was also a major contributing factor to me leaving Richmond, VA (RVA) for NYC. I *was* one of the people celebrating a birthday that night.

Might revisit this next year after returning from a Caribbean Cruise on Celebrity cruiselines... I might even be a celebrity by then.

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