2011-03-12 1st LIVE Journal, Mayan day 4 Dog

♥ "TRANSCRIPT" scribd.com/doc/50654728

The ‘why’ of things isn’t what we think it is. What we think doesn’t matter - except to the extent it is resonant with Truth. Oh yes, it has effect, it has consequence of one kind or another - but ultimately, Truth always wins out. How could it be otherwise?

So, what is your truth, today? What is your understanding of things? Are you aware how very much you self-limit by the beliefs you hold? Have you seen that in action, yet? Have you noticed it? How well do you really know the self - the Self?

Hmmm. Going off at a bit of a tangent, here, from the video. Oh well - you can enjoy both, I guess. They aren’t always so very much the same. Even when I’m reading a journal into the camera, I find myself both editing and ad-libbing. Life is such a joy. As we eliminate the false beliefs, our wings have room to unfurl, to spread out, and to support us as we rise along the ascending spiral of Spirit.

Be alert and aware that, in our oneness, we are experiencing all that’s happening in Japan. If you’re moved to do so, send loving energy along the ray of your attention into that area - in support of all the beings living there. All are affected, whenever one is. Remember - all are telepathic, and connected in so many marvelous ways.

Everything is not as personal as we might at first think. As we bless, so we are blessed. Then, too, as we get more used to the concept of our oneness, we are enabled to participate more in the greater being, the I Am that I am, that you are - that all is. It also helps to step up above identifying with the 3D body/mind. This identification is not wrong - it just limits our perspective, our ability to participate more in the greater whole... Distributed by Tubemogul.

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