00:02 Inversion. Saber Interactive, 2010.
- Worked with Motion Capture. Maya-Motion Builder.
- Created key frame animations for humans and animals. Cut scenes and in game animations.
- Created/edited character IK/FK Rig.
00:52 Evolition. Saber Interactive, 2010

00:56 Time Shift. Saber Interactive, 2007.
- Edited Motion Capture.Maya-Motion Builder.
- Created key frame animations.
- Created facial set‐ups and lip‐sync animation for cut scenes and in game animations.
- Created/edited character IK/FK Rig.

01:12 Smeshariki. Creat studio, 2006.
- Key frame character animation.
- Created Character rig.
- Modeled environment.

01:25 Robot for a game prototype designed for an autostereoscopic Display. Animationinstitute, 2012
- Created of an visual, modeling, texturing,rendering of game character.
- Created character rig and animation.
- Created design for game level. modeling, texturing, shading, animation.

01:35 Natalis. Short film by Daniel Brkovic, Jan Marcel Kühn. Animationinstitute, 2012
- lip‐sync animation.Expressions. Maya.
- Edited full body Motion Capture data. Maya-Motion Builder.

02:00 Nikita.Frapper.(Filmakademie Application Framework) Animationinstitute,2012
- Realistic facial set‐ups and lip‐sync animation. Editing Facial Motion Capture data.
- Creation of an complete animation database for the “Calliope – Interactive Poetry” Installation (submitted for Siggraph 2012 Emerging Technologies)
- Created/edited hair stile and scurf. Shave and a Haircut 5.0, nCloth
- Created/edited texture.

02:15 Hank.Rig by Animationinstitute, 2012.
- lip‐sync animation.

Software used: Maya, Motion Builder, Shave and Haircut, nCloth, Mental Ray, Photoshop, AE.

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