Hello everybody !!!

This video is a little experimentation, trying to convey inspirations I got while taking the lift in the Atomium in Brussels, standing under a street lamp and marveling at the beautiful snowflakes bringing us messages from heaven and contemplating the first digits of Pi at the Karlsplatz underground station in Vienna ...

Well, how many atoms are there ?? How many snowflakes ?? How many stars ?? How many numbers ?? How many footsteps ?? How many notes ??

And what if we mirror all of these ??

Finite, infinite ?? What's the relationship ?? How many dimensions do we live in ?? How do we reflect infinity in finitude ... how is finitude reflected in infinity ??

As you can see, all this made me quite curious and made me wonder ...

I think I will come back to this theme and try to do something more accomplished ... but for the moment, I enjoyed playing around a bit ... and I hope you will also enjoy the result :-)

Good finite and infinite inspirations to all of you !!!


PS: The music is "Lighter Shade of Green" by Alcatrazz


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