A stop-motion animation for the presentation of a service. The project was submitted at the Global Service Jam 2011.

Project Description:

Charity organizations are always in need for volunteers who can contribute to their mission.
Many people think charity is important and want to help. But somehow it often stays as just a thought.
How can we motivate people to take the action?

Providing information in a fun and challenging way to discover what can be done in the local community.

An application with a personal monster who will point you in the right direction, using friendly pranks at the right time. You get the chance to help and become a real superhero!


Ayse Gökçe Bor
Chia-Fang Lue
Jingjing Yao
Kallirroi Pouliadou
Linda Bresäter
Linn Larsson
Lovisa Westerdahl
Sara Karlsson
Vera Karlsson
Ville Lintamo
Ya-Ting Maggie Kuo

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