Directed by Lilian Darmono & Mungo Horey (SELF) in collaboration with ZAC Creative (Nick Kempt)


Production Company // ZAC Creative

Nick Kempt // Creative Director

Troy Zafer // Executive Producer

Lilian Darmono & Mungo Horey (SELF) // Animation Directors

Lilian Darmono // Design, Illustration, Layout

Justin Foo // Head of Flash Animation

Flash Character Animation//
Martin Cormier
Astri Widarani
Hamish Koci
Kathryn Parker

Sandra Chiang//Character Setup and Rigging

Tey Vandenberg // Compositor, After Effects Animator

Steve Drew // Compositor, After Effects Animator

Agency // Meerkats

Mike Edmonds // Creative Director

Dan Bradley // Creative

Kurt Beadouin // Copywriter

Sam Rees // Producer

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