First time out with my new toys, the Tokina 11-16mm and FlyCam Nano. Now, the Tokina 11-16mm really needs no further sharing of how awesome it is. There's plenty of information on it out there. But the FlyCam Nano is something I took a flyer on. It is basically a cheap, small knockoff Glidecam from India that cost $150 after shipping. This was my very first time using it or any other type of similar stabilizer.

I will say this about the FlyCam Nano: it's a GIANT pain to balance. In fact, you really get what you pay for because it is soooo sensitive to the weight of a DSLR. The truth is that it's probably a little too small for a camera like the Canon 7D and Tokina 11-16... I don't know. I've seen some video from people who seem to have hit the balance perfect and can rock it without the slightest wobble. This video is obviously not so perfect, but again; first time out here. I've made some notes on the sweet spot for next time.

I will give myself some credit though. I didn't exactly put it through an easy maiden voyage. I decided to try this sucker out on rollerblades in a city that is trying to put a rough winter in the rear view mirror. March in Boston is a strange time. If it hits 50 degrees out, dust off the bike, board, blades, whatever! But the streets are still a wreck, so you've gotta watch out for those potholes.

Music: "City With No Children" by Arcade Fire.
Not for profit video. Just love the song.

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