wacdesignstudio. Obus Lofts [Animation]. 2011.

A design experiment for the city of Houston, of how to redesign the city based on a future of oil and water scarcity while maintaining the core landmark of the city, its freeway system.

Inspired by Le Corbusier’s Plan Obus for Algiers of 1933-1944, a massive high-rise development will be proposed under Houston’s freeway system. This project will place several twenty first century narratives together in a proposal to rebuild sprawling American cities in the form of a new condo development.

Obus Lofts will include its own product and furniture line intended for Obus Lofts’ residents, writings, drawings, an architectural model and an animation.

Design, concept and production: wacdesignstudio - wacdesignstudio.com.
Music: Ramon K. West - anonymoussomewhere.com.

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