Castlepoint is an amazing beach, which used to be the Wairarapa Region's main port.

Castlepoint was named by Captain james Cook, who thought the area looked similar to "an old medieval stronghold".
Around the area you can see both dolphins, small whale species and fur seals, as well as numerous sea birds.

The area is well known for its iconic lighthouse. You can walk up to the lighthouse, and follow a pathway around the cliffs.
The lighthouse was first lit in 1913, by an incandescent oil burning light. That light was replaced by a diesel generated electricity in 1954, and in 1961, the light was connected to the main electricity. The lighthouse in now managed from a central control room in Wellington.

Castlepoint is a popular tourist attraction, and situated only around 2-3 hours from Wellington.

This video was shot in january 2011, when my friends from Sweden were visiting.

Camera: Canon HDSLR 550D

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