Action Reaction is the collaborative New Romantic/Electronic/Synthpop project of Evan Cairo and Simone, based out of Philadelphia. The music is a product of their combined influences, which range from early Goth Rock to dance-y Electronica to Chiptunes, and especially British New Wave music from the early 1980s. All original lyrics/music (except Sleepwalk by Ultravox) written by Simone and Evan.

If all was lost
Then would you recognise the warning?
It's fight or flight
It's do or die
You're on your own
In modern times
We're more connected with our past lives
Corrupted minds
Each generation is the one
Nothing is new
I've ressurected Revelations
What happens now?
No time to duck, no room to cover

But there will come a time
In our privileged lives
When we'll come to regret
And we'll pay the price
On this roundabout ruin rollercoaster ride
With our white-knuckled fingers clinging fast to our pride
All this talk of survival
The old hope for revival
In specific scenes
And self-indulgent dreams
Where the walls have eyes and the clouds roll in
The dark, hypnotic din
What's left to live for?

To stem the tide
We rearrange our lives
Playing into the fear
We're saving up to go and hide
You think you've got nothing now
No time to react
I ask you this:
If all was lost
Now would you recognise the warning?
When all is lost
If you're alive
You'll be alone, alone, alone...

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