This is Ernest. I wish I were kidding, but this cat has ADD. Anyways, I'm cat-sitting him because my ex-gf couldn't take him in when we split, so that Ernest wouldn't end up in a shelter, I decided to be nice and take care of him - hoping to get some extra points on my good Karma card. Well, soon enough he'll be moving back in with her and I will probably realize that day that Karma is a f'ing joke.

Soooo.....Here's for the first time - the up stairs run ! Ernest, for some odd reason, races up the stairs every single time i head to the second floor. He could be poopping and i'm sure he would stop, jump out of his kitty litter and race me to the top of the stairs. When heading down, he goes much slower and has a tendancy of getting in front of me, which has caused me to trip quite often.

I love him but I just don't get him.

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