Sometimes I ask myself if the decisions I made were the right ones,how do you know wich one was right and wich one was not? We all know that whats done is done, and its an simpel fact that that we cannot go back in time te redo our actions or take back our words.
so thats what this track is all about,only thing I can say is,listen en leave some love.
comments,likes,favorites,friend requests,subbs and feedback are all very welcome!!

''His-Story - No Way Back(Production By Anno Domini Beats)

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Theres no way Back /
Keep pushing forward on your Path,What /
Sometimes I wish that I could go back in Time /
Just to Find the things in Life that I dont Remind,Yeah ! /

(Verse 1)
Sometimes I wish that I could go back in Time /
To reminisce the moments that I was forced to leave Behind /
Not only for the good things but also for the bad Ones /
Just to remember when these sad times Begun /
Not to make a difference and not so that it would Change /
Not to pity myself and not for Rearrange /
Even though I lived in a Cage for so many Years /
With a beast by my side,honestly I didnt Care /
No trembling in Fear,till death whispered in my Ear /
Telling me that im a fuck up and my time was Near /
My time to Disappear from this planet,Unprepeared /
Deleted,not a single chance for me to Reappear /
So I had to convince myself you got your future in your own Hands /
Create your own life,create your own Romance /
So be happy with what you Get and dont Forget /
And dont Regret,when its the past,you cant go Back /


(Verse 2)
Sometimes I wish that I could go back in Time /
Just to see it agian with these blinded eyes of Mine /
Did I wasted Opportunity's,did life had a Clue For Me /
So many questions poppin up,whats this Insecurity? /
Its all a Blur To Me,its hard for me to Recognize /
This road im walking,is it leading to my Demise? /
If thats the case,I better turn around and Leave /
NO! running away is not an option,you must Believe /
Believe in yourself and your own Capabilities /
Fuck the naysayers and they're stupid Misbeliefs,yo /
You cant turn your back on the things you've Created /
Take your own responsibilities of everything thats Related /
Its a Statement,and I try to hold on to That /
Cuz I Know even Though you like it or not you cant go Back /
Not back in Time,but back in my Mind I Try to Find the Lines to Rhyme /
So whenever I Cry,whenever I Fly I Try to keep my past Behind /


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