Amedeo Minghi & Aisha Cerami - Qui (Here)
Wonderful World
English lyrics:
is one word.
It's to forget,
to forget with you.
I'm breathless because
the love is full of itself,
it makes you forget,
forget with you.
the word "Love"
prevents me from talking.
I can do it with you,
and if I want to tear it off from me
it's just to feel how it is.
It gets me excited,
I want to say this word for me.
the scream of love
sounds like pain.
And waiting for mine (my scream of love or my pain),
we love each other, as if we were enjoying a goodbye.
I let myself go, and so you do.
We let ourselves go,
so is the love.
This is the life, which flies,
like songs.
We know how it is.
To sing is like to enjoy a goodbye.
We let ourselves go because
we let ourselves go.
Love means to do this way.
(Thank you to alterego1983 for translation )

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