*Permanent installed at Jepson Center Museum, Savannah, 2012.
* Feature On CreativeApplications.Net [creativeapplications.net/processing/pulse-mirror-processing-arduino/ ]*

PulseMirror is an interactive installation device that collects and translates participants’ pulse rate into a mirrored visual image. The mirror image is created by a series of circles that pulsating base on pulse rate data collected from different participants.
Participants can input their heart rate by placing their finger on the device for 15 seconds.
Once the heart rate of participant is detected, a random circle on the screen will become the participant and beating base on his/her heart rate.
Those circles on the screen will change their color to form a mirrored image that is captured by the webcam on the monitor.

Coded in Processing and made with Arduino.
Collaborative work by Chris Lee & Henry Chang

Special Thanks to CreativeApplications.Net
Music: the updater_Tsutchie - fat jon

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