The biggest 3d Mapping projection on a Cathedral. It is the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca, celebration in honour of the patron Saint Sebastian.

The public attending (60.000 people) & public by national TV (RTVE, IB3, Tele5, TV3) could see a Mapping projection include in a huge event full of fireworks, 10 massive beasts, more than 1000 performers, 100.000 watts of sound & 9 projectors of 15.000 Ansi Lumens, altogether 135.000 Ansi Lumens of projection.

Palnoise Crew

Directed by: Alberto Calahorro
Technical Director: Javier Álvarez
3D Animators: Jose Mª Pereyra y Alberto Calahorro
Audio Compositor: Miguel A. Aguiló
Script: Iguana Teatre
Technical Heads: Martín Sánchez, Sergio Calahorro, Xavier Pons.
Communication: Xavier Calahorro, Noelia Sánchez

Producer: Iguana Teatre
Client: Council of Palma de Mallorca

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