- is the first performance of classic music by a symphonic orchestra in an african national park in order to promote Mozambique's tourism industry!
The project “Mozambique - "Land of contrast” is a unique PR project initiated by SONCA international to promote Mozambique's tourist industry - Africa's rising star in tourism.
Mozambique's claim “Land of contrast” is visualized in the form of surprising and unseen images of the two only Mozambican opera singers - Stella Mendonça & Sonia Mocumbi, accompanied by 53 members of the French Symphonic Orchestra of Pontarlier in the “National Park of Limpopo” and in harmony with Mozambique's nature and wild life.
The performance of classic music by a symphonic orchestra in this UNIQUE and UNSEEN set of breathtaking nature and wild life truly represents a “World Premiere”. And the entire project is financed through a public private sponsorship in support of Mozambique's Ministry of Tourism.
But this initiative goes well beyond the marketing of Mozambican’s national parks and tourism - the spot promotes the new image of a rising country - rich in nature and hospitality connecting natives with international cultural values.
Excellency, innovation and sustainability remain our main goals – having the ambition to support further economic and cultural developments by offering long-term promotion for tourism in Mozambique.
If you wish to get more information about this project, please visit:

IMPORTANT COPYRIGHT NOTICE: The entire content of the clip „LAND OF CONTRAST“ is copyright protected. All rights are owned by SONCA international or third parties.
We are very happy to share the video clip „LAND OF CONTRAST“ with you - you are welcome to use this clip for any promotional purposes of tourism in Mozambique, but is subject to the following:
- SONCA international allows users to browse, link, embed, download and broadcast the clip.
- The content may not be modified or altered in any way.
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