The FORTUNATE FOUR and Other Journeys of the Heart
-- by Joy Kuby

Kuby has written a biographical selection from interviews she undertook to depict the lives and families of women of the 20th century. Photos of these women, their families, and experiences give the reader a perspective of these lives.

In this interview with Joy Kuby, Lori asks the author about her research, her journeys, and her process of understanding the women portrayed in the book.

Joy reads a passage from the book compiled from the journal of 1 of the 4 women who in 1935 embarked on a 9-week summer road trip... describes her gratitude and thankfulness for the experiences and for the people they met along the way.

In 1952 a young couple with no money submitted an application to be married on a TV show called "The Bride and Groom Show". Having no television, they had never seen the show.

Another story tells of letters discovered under the Lake Street Bridge. These letters had been concealed for 65 years, written by women to themselves as memories and hopes, their dreams for their futures.

Interview by -- Lori Crever

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