Voici la 1ère vidéo maison "All day and all of the night" (The Kinks) du groupe electro disco rock indépendant Archangels!
Archangels présente son tribute album, hommage aux classic rock hits des 60's 70's revisités à la sauce electro rock discoïde du 3ème millénaire.
Here's the 1st home made Archangels'video "All day and all of the night", tribute to classic rock band The Kinks' hit.
Archangels, french electro disco rock independant band, presents its new concept album!
Those 4 guys, fans of comics and Marvels, fly across eras, bringing 60's,70's and 80's classic hits into their 2000's electro rock "discoïdal" vision!

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