Ezekiel 38 - prophetically speaking, we may have seen the events of Ezekiel 37 already, but we've not seen Gog / Magog (people from the north) invade Israel yet. It is a prophecy that has yet to be fulfilled.

Lots of history in this sermon: the Scythians, the Thracians, the Russ (ancestors of the Russians), the role of the Swedes in Russian geography and history.

Prophecy is intended for us to study. The Sadducees didn't study prophecy by the Pharisees did, and many of them came to know Christ as a result.

Ezekiel 40 - Why are these chapters in such detail? We have not yet seen the temple rebuilt according to God's very precise specifications. Here's a strange thing - the new temple was specced out before the old temple had even been destroyed. This temple has not yet been built. Is it a symbol of the Jewish nation? Is it a symbol of the Christian church? Or is it just what it appears, a temple that will be built in the end times? We may well live to see this temple built in our lifetime.

Tyre - an amazing story of prophecy about the impregnable island city fortress, and how Alexander sacked it, fulfilling prophecy.

Do I turn my back on God when the storms come? Do you believe God keeps His promises? Do you believe God is good?

2 Kings 19:25
Isaiah 42:9
Lamentations 3:37
John 13:19
Job 1:21
Luke 21
Psalms 46:1 - 3 God is our refuge. He is our help in times of trouble.

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