Each October "looping" musicians from all over the globe meet in Santa Cruz, California, to take part in Rick Walker's Int'l Live Looping Festival, a multi-day event dedicated to experimental music in the looping or phrase sampling genre.

This year's fest now in it's 7th year, held Oct 15-19, was spectacular and tremendously inspiring. I was there with the World experimental duo Chinapainting which I co-chair with guitarist/analog cassette tape looping artist Daryl Shawn. Though I was there for only an evening and the last full day, I photographed all the artists that I could performing in that 16 hour stretch. When I returned back to New York I decided to put together this video. Due to shooting available light on a lower end digital camera many of the shots are more smeared but in a sense they convey the motion and exagerated colors that are in a sense so evocativily descriptive of this style of music.

The video soundtrack is from the Chinapainting set on Sunday evening Oct. 19th.

Artists appearing in this video pictorial essay are Kribophoric (Krispen Hartung & Robert Sterling) kribophoric.com (Headliner), Margaret Noble margaretnoble.net (Featured Performer), Barry Cleveland (guest Carl Weingarten) barrycleveland.com, James Bailey myspace.com/jimab (Featured Performer), Ted Killian tedkillian.com, Rick Walker - Dayglo Orange Plastic looppool.info (Y2K founder/main mojo), Bill Walker, Bob Amstadt (guest Bill Putnam), Jordie Topf, Greg Powers gregoryville.com, John Connell, JRJ (John R. Johnson) jrjmusic.com, Larry the O larrytheo.com, Stanosaur, Daniel Thomas, Eric Glick Rieman accretions.com/artists/eric.asp, Luis Angulo (guest Kalimba Man Kevin Spears) luis-angulo.com - myspace.com/kevinspears, Chinapainting (Daryl Shawn & Jim Goodin) chinapaintingmusic.com, Mando Man(Hideki Nakanishi) (Featured Performer) emando.com/players/nakanishi.htm, Carl Weingarten mphase.com, Goh Nakamura gohnakamura.com, Kevin Kissinger kevinkissinger.com, Matt Herman myspace.com/desparatelyrandom, Gary Regina jazzydevils.com, and Mark Hamburg.

For more information on Y2K International Live Looping Festival visit on the web y2kloopfest.com. Ryusei Hattori, Lindsey Walker, Peter Condor and Dan Stoltzberg's sets were inadvertently omitted from this video. My apologies to them as I was away from the performance space a few times during the event and missed their sets.

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