A Si Señor production, by Ola Hansson

My Concrete Fashion is a theory about individuality that has been visualized.

What could you cal Concrete Fashion? Is there anything to day that lasts in peoples mind for more than a sec? Is there anything that is as permanent as concrete? I belive there isn´t. To day there is constantly new trends and must do´s. We have no time to stop for a moment and build our own opinion. No place to feel safe.

Then I met Anna Bonnevier (a graduate from Konstfasck in Stockholm spring 2007). With her collection "Numb" she showed me a design that was what I was looking for. As there is something permanent and concrete creating a movement in form of the white fabric in my film the same principles (in my opinion that is) calls to Bonneviers collection.

So cal it a commercial for a design or stop for a movement and take a look around use your senses and keep a concrete state of mind. Only then can you truly confirmed and acknowledged and be "safe". I´m longing back to the original state of the human mind, without facebook and the digital senses.

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