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Al Dente, a sample short film, tells the story of a restaurant owner's dedication. Within a quaint italian trattoria in South Africa. Memories and desires are revealed in the delicious chaos of an evening service in the restaurant.

16mm film shot on a Bolex h16 - co-produced with my wonderful producer Melissa Paulsen.

African rhythms lead and opening montage through the landscapes of Cape Town. A commanding personality soon directs us to follow our main character. Aluana invites us inside to observe for a day, meet the chef from Naples and go shopping with local staff.

Reminiscence of learning to cook and challenging times are recounted while we gather fresh herbs from the garden. As Aluana directs kitchen movements, demands excellence, and enjoys a late dinner, we applaud the nightly accomplishments.

On screen we come to know Isola Bella and its proprietress, the labor of managing a restaurant, and a taste for excellent Tuscan dishes, A glass of wine bids us good night, resonating life's pleasures.

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