The best band you've never heard of is heard for the first time ever!

Seriously, this is the first narrative style short I ever made. It is a music video for a song from my band, the mystic "Yukon Gold" (it's a LONG story, that I'm working into a script).

Most crew jobs: Mark Matusoff
Other crew jobs: Josef Beeby
Main Girl: Ashlee MacEwen
Smoking girl: Jill Taylor
Scalpers: Tom McHale & Jason Simpson
Door Guy: Dave
Concert-goers: Valerie Matusoff, Alireza Motamed
Bouncer: Josef Beeby
Lame Rock-type guy: Mark Matusoff

Yukon Gold is:
Aravi Jega: Rhythm Guitar, Bass
Mark Matusoff, Drums
Alireza Motamed: Lead Guitar

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