Ahhhh the late 90's. A time before Cellphones, Friendster, and did you see the end of Seinfeld!? Meh. The post grunge era filled the airwaves with a cornucopia of bubblegum disney pop princesses and mediocre fucktards. Even then we were lamenting that MTV never played music videos. The "M" stands for music damit! 1992 may have been the year that punk broke but the late 90's were the years music ate it's own face off.

This short doc chronicles what happens in a city of 60,000 when kids get together and rock your fuckin balls off for no other reason than to cause testicular spontaneous combustion.

Do you know how to play? ...Fuck it. Do you have a place to play? ... Well then come over to my house. Wanna play in somebody's living room for gas money? ... Well then it's on!

Great bands, Shit bands, Touring bands, Bands that still play to this day. Denton in the late 90's was all about playing music with nowhere to play. So out of the ooze of Sublime singles and Y2K Preparations came the insanity. Telephone book paper fights, 40 oz parties, Jeff Silly running around naked, getting busted for noise complaints, holding benefit shows to pay off said noise complaint ticket. Back when the "door money" consisted of a tattooed girl with a nose ring (which was a little more rare in those days) with a coffee can asking for donations.

This is Denton in the late 90's


The Sillies
The Blanks / Role models
The Oddfellows
The Paperchase

I originally released this video on VHS in 2001 for $5 and gave all of the money to the Denton Humane Society. If you like this video please don't hesitate to hesitate to hit the link below and help the doggies and kitties.




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