Dangerman was part of a series of thirteen-second film loops created for an art installation. The loops were filmed on a Bolex camera using high contrast black and white negative film. The title comes from a corruption of "dancing man", hinting at the reckless energy of the dancer.

Thomas Gray says:
"I had decided to film all my friends dancing in front of the camera as silhouettes to emphasise the shape of their movement, the concept being every individual has their own style of movement/dance. In reality I found that most people were very boring in the way that they moved. Of the ten or fifteen people I filmed, only one had any impact and was interesting."

Since being created in the early Nineties, Dangerman has appeared at a number of events we have been involved in as well as a number of film projects, including “Information Communication” which can be viewed here. If you look closely Dangerman can be seen within the layers of projections.

The music was composed by Peter Marsh.

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