My aunts birthday was three days ago and I totally spaced
But I have a lot on my mind right now I can barely remember to pick up my kids from school

So how can I be expected to remember everyone’s birthday is buy cards get the stamps and get around to mailing everything?

Seriously where are my kids right now?

But with I will never forget anyone’s birthday anniversary or congratulations on your forth wedding ever again

Joining is free and oh-so easy

First I tell jack about all the people I care about and all their special dates to remember
then begin I start to cyber-browse their amazing selection of cards

Sweet for my cousin
Slightly snarky for my best friend
Goofy for my nephew

About a week before the card needs to go out JackCards sends it to me with a pre-addressed, stamped envelope
And all I have to do is write a quick note and off it goes


Still not easy enough for you well fine
They even have a way where you can enter your message online and they handwrite the note and mail it out for you

The cards are about 4 bucks a piece but given how easy they make my life find that incredibly reasonable

Plus can you really not put a price on having to suffer the humiliation of sending out yet another belated birthday card
To your mom

So to recap sign up for your free account at JackCards
Enter in all your nearest and dearest special occasion reminders
Pre-buy the perfect card and once jackcards mails it to you with a preaddressed stamped envelope just sign it and send it on its way

Making you a greeting card goddess this is Carley Knobloch from Digitwirl making tech work for you
Catch you later

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