Starring Carrie Cohen and featuring still photography by Bartolomy, 'Affective Disorder' (2004) by Ben Bruges serves as a stark reminder of life in the old Victorian mental health institutions from the perspective of a survivor. Filmed and photographed in the derelict Cane Hill institution, it reminds us that, for all the very many failings of care in the community, no-one should consider a return to the bad old days of large-scale, impersonal, brutalising institutions.

"Jean" by Carrie Cohen
Still photography by Bartolomy
Location scout, Dominic Wordsworth
Thanks to Mental Health Media & British Library Sound Archive
Script editor, Sally O'Connor
Music by Organum
Written, directed and edited by Ben Bruges
Meconopsis Films 2004

First showing at the ICA, London, London Short Film Festival
Selected for 'Final Cut: Take One' DVD round-up of the year's best for Final Cut Festival, Brighton 2005

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