I co-directed, shot and edited this piece.

Destination Imagination hired me to shoot and edit a hi-energy video to promote their Journey Camp program that takes place in the fall. They said they wanted to hire someone who does video work for a living, instead of shooting it themselves (as they had done before), since "a lot would be riding on the success of the video", as Jon Mark told me.

The shoot consisted of directing over 60 people at times (some parents, mostly kids), and getting in shots at 12 locations at the 300-acre Sky Ranch Camp in Van, TX all in a single day. It was very hard work from which I learned a ton! The shoot was a success, and the client is very happy with the end product. The plot-line involving slushies and bullies is a play on the show, Glee.

Thank you to Jon Mark Howeth, whom I co-directed the video with, and thank you to Mindy Cook, my production assistant who helped everything move so much smoother than it would have without her!

Music by Pink and Plain White T's covered under ASCAP/BMI license.



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