Major Global Organization for the
Reggae Industry Launching 2011

The reggae industry has been faced with MANY serious issues to which there are FEW solutions. It is known that there has been an undeniable LACK of unity, organization, professionalism, recognition of key Reggae celebrities and individuals, and a weak inconsistent presence of Reggae music within the mainstream market. These are facts and unfortunately, the sad truth.

The question that every Reggae fan should ask his or herself is, do I want to be a part of the problem or the solution?

Many Reggae lovers sit by, watch and wait for others to take action. While there are those who constantly undermined others in the Reggae fraternity due to greed and pure jealousy. These people are a part of the problem.

There are many who are trying to make it in the industry but just do not know HOW to get started, WHERE to go nor WHO to trust. They are hesitant and are stunting their advancement due to those who have given the industry a bad name. They crave for assistance from people whom they can trust and who can offer genuine help.

On a good note, there are those who want to be a part of the solution and are encouraging unity and helping others by forming groups, academies, and organizations that address the issues at hand while meeting the needs of those seeking assistance.

However, they are scattered and are in need of more support and assistance themselves since there is an abundant amount of improvements to be made within the industry. Therefore, UNITY is a must and NOT just talking about it, but DOING IT.

The great news is that ACTION has finally been taken. The adversities previously mentioned will now be addressed and FINALLY solved thanks to individuals like you within the Reggae communities from around the world who are spreading the word, uniting with others and aligning themselves accordingly. This year, 2011, marks the launch of the historic organization; THE WORLDWIDE REGGAE MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT EMBASSY!!

The entire music and entertainment world, as well as businesses of all types, will now benefit since forty one (41) Embassies, one for each music genre, have been established and will be launching soon. Each embassy will directly find solutions for the many desires and necessities of their respective music communities in order for them to advance.

We are proud to announce that REGGAE MUSIC has been chosen as the PREMIER music genre to have its Embassy launched with its World Headquarters in Kingston, Jamaica.

Therefore, WE the people of the Reggae Communities from all over the world can become a part of this major movement and benefit while accomplishing the many missions of OUR organization; THE REGGAE EMBASSY. Established Reggae Celebrities and other key individuals are coming together to stand with The Reggae Embassy as it was established to also address their needs, wants and concerns.

There is Power in UNITY and Strength in Numbers, therefore, we welcome and encourage Reggae lovers to register now for your FREE membership, which is the first step toward UNITING the Reggae communities Worldwide and achieving our mission.
Register for your FREE membership into the Reggae Embassy by visiting Those who love Reggae Music and would like to become a part of this historic mission AND also be a part of the SOLUTION, should not only register but assist us with spreading the word by encouraging every Reggae fan to register NOW!!! Time is of the essence since our launch will be soon.

Even though the embassy has not fully launched, a variety of services from the EMBASSY are currently available to YOU now, with many more to come. Please feel free to contact us for assistance with your career or business.

To learn more about the organization, you may visit; .
The Worldwide Reggae Embassy, Building Empires while making YOUR dreams a reality!

Big dreams create big visions and big visions create big accomplishments!!!

If you would like to be a part of the solution, contact the Reggae Embassy today at and tell us how you would like to be a part of this global unity initiative and its many missions.

Mission Statement:
The Worldwide Reggae Embassy's mission is to unite, advance and create opportunities for everyone; reggae fans, reggae celebrities, up and coming celebrities, businesses, companies, nonprofit organizations, entire communities, and YOU.

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