This video shows the following patch:

Maths Channel 4 (called "Channel 2" in the video) set up as fast square-ish LFO (Lin curve, mid Rise, zero Fall, full negative negative output)

Chan 1 patched to Oscillator CV in and Filter cutoff

Chan 4 patched to Chan 1 Both and Filter cutoff


This patch creates a strange-behaving stepped LFO sequence. Sequence length can be varied with Ch 1 Rise/Fall controls. Sequence speed can be varied with Ch4 Rise control.

The upshot of this is that while the up-up-down-down sequence loops, the lower notes in the sequence slowly move up and down, while the higher notes in the sequence follow the same motion, but about 90 degrees out of phase. This creates a disconcerting shepard tones-ish effect.

Maths is fun.

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