15 Minutes is a program intended to educate high school students, their family and friends of the ramifications of their choice to drive while under the influence of alcohol. Shot at Saint Ignatius Preparatory High School in San Francisco, California using students, their parents and a multitude of public agencies striving to lower the incident of alcohol-related vehicle deaths by illustrating how making the wrong decision in life can have a more devastating, far-reaching effect than they can imagine.
Every 15 Minutes is typically a two-day event. On the first day a mock vehicle collision is staged in front of or near the chosen high school. Students from that school portray the severely, and even fatally injured vehicle occupants as rescue crews extricate and transport the injured and dying. Meanwhile, police conduct their investigation culminating in the arrest of the intoxicated student. At least one student is sadly carted off from the scene in a body-bag. As the collision scene concludes and emergency personnel subside, the residual consequences carry on. Film crews follow each student and family members to their respective hospital, court date, and even the morgue. Prior to the collision, selected students are pulled from various classrooms, one every 15 minutes, after which an obituary is read aloud to that class explaining that the student has died as a result of an alcohol-related vehicle collision. They become the 'Walking Dead', and make their ghost-like appearance at the collision scene.
All the student participants attend an overnight retreat at the high school put on my numerous counselors, teachers, survivors of real drunk drivers, family members of those who didn't survive, and even some who've been the drunk driver themselves. In this case, these are not actors, this is REAL.
An assembly is held the following day for students, parents, and faculty and emergency responders. It should more accurately be called a memorial - to honor those who passed the previous day. A casket is present, as is the arrested drunk-driver, still in jail clothing and handcuffs.
The video of the prior day's events is compiled, edited and polished overnight, to be shown to all during the memorial.
I apologize that it has taken 5 years for me to come back to and post this film. But it is because I've actually been reinvigorated by this project in 2011 that I do so now. Please take a look at the soon to be released Every 15 Minutes - Saint Ignatius High School - 2011.

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