Roton is a graphical score for any number of performes and electronic instruments.

The score is a kit made of 23 circle shaped trasparent plastic sheets that the performer can group and arrange in every way he/she wants.

Each circle has patterns of geometrical shapes, grids, numbers and lines, arranged randomly or by mathematical functions.

Interpreting the score is possible by assigning colors, shapes, lines and grids to any musical value, processing method, or instrument parameter.

The performer can thus read the score in any way he/she wants, whether it is an improv. session, a concert or a recording session.

Although the Roton is designed for electronic musical instruments, the score can be used and interpreted for any kind of creative process.

•Score printed on 23 transparent plastic sheets
• Video Sculpture
(H.264 HD 1920*1080 25p)

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