Danaus is a polymorphic installation that is being created by Tulane architecture students and it set to be completed in April. We need your help to make our project a reality.

Back in January we started with the simple idea of anamorphic graphics, where from one perspective the shape appears complete, but from all other angles it is evident that is it actually fragmented. This idea has evolved into a complex transitional form. After entering the building the view is confronted with the complete perspective of a cube, represented as a two dimensional hexagon, but, after continuing, realizes that the shape is actually projected on multiple surfaces. When on the stairs, the viewer can look up and see the installation morph. The voids transition from 4-sided polygons to 5, and then 6-sided polygons. The voids also grow in size, and get closer together, which creates a more porous surface. The third transformation is in the depth of the structure. The project is paper thin at the bottom, and grows to approximately 10" deep. Those voids create a place to store flyers and papers outside of the administrative offices, which adds a function to the artistic piece. Motion sensors detect when someone is reaching for one of the flyers or books, and triggers LED bulbs to light up. This transformational process resembles the idea of creating space out of two-dimensional drawings, something architects do everyday.

The installation will be made out of foam that is routed on a CNC machine. After routed, the foam is then sealed and strengthened with epoxy, primed and painted. Our target goal of $1000 accounts for sensors, LED lights, epoxy, primer, paint and rigid foam insulation from a home improvement store. There are higher density foams that increase the precision of the cuts, but they obviously cost a lot more money. If we can raise more than our target goal we will increase the quality of foam and end up with a cleaner final product.

If you look to the right you can see all of the great thank you gifts we have for pledging. We encourage you to take a look, donate and be a part of Danaus.

PS: If you have a CNC machine, or know someone who does, and may be willing to donate some time on your machine, please drop us a line in the

Project location: New Orleans, LA

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