Food Show
Our hosts are a contrasting pair: Hannah the bubbly budding actress living in Los Angeles and her classically pristine step mother, Sally. Sally, is Martha’s hotter competition. She can cook up a gourmet storm, bake her way into the World’s Fair, throw a gorgeous party for girlfriends, her husbands clients or Obama. All done without a hair out of place, a fleck of flour on the floor, or a wrinkle in her Talbot’s casuals. Hannah is here to learn and apply this to her life.. in her T-shirt and Chuck Taylors. Sally will teach these skills to Hannah in addition to how to shop, how to buy knives and stemware and iron her linens…. But lets be honest… Hannah is not going to iron the table linens before her next Mad Men themed dinner party or Secret Sisters potluck dinner…in fact- Hannah has no desire to own table linens that need to be ironed… why, when you can buy fun recycled paper napkins at the dollar store?
Episodes: will consist of in studio cooking, crafting, or party planning.
Why: To merge the worlds of our mothers generation and ours.

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