Victor Lamonte Wooten knows the road to success and has what poet Robert Frost describes as taken “the road less traveled.” Wooten has taken the electric bass and developed his own language and technique like his predecessors like the late Jaco Pastorious, Marcus Miller, and Flea of the rock group The Red Hot Chili Peppers. This three time bassist of the year, five-time Grammy Award winner, and New York Times best selling author is one of the most important musicians of his generation.

Fifteen years ago Wooten recorded his landmark debut solo album titled “A Show of Hands.” Out of the gate the recording was hailed a classic and it introduced the musician in a whole new light. Though he was, and still is, the bassist with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, this recording added another voice to the electric bass. Victor’s focus on playing folk, funk, jazz, rock, gospel, and American roots music has made him and this disc important to the musical diaspora. In 2011 Wooten has re-released the album again on his new Vix Records imprint and remixed and remastered the entire project. “A Show of Hands 15” puts in perspective of where Victor is now musically and where he’s going in the future.

What’s truly amazing about the recording is that he recorded most of the parts in 1994 with just him and his guitar. Over time he added vocals and some additional production up until the 1996 release. All the major record companies were afraid to touch the project and Victor ended up releasing it independently. As of today, “A Show of Hands” is still Victor’s best seller and he plays some selections from the disc at his shows.

So far 2011 has been a hectic and fruitful year for bassist, instructor, and record mogul to Victor Wooten’s plate. As the lead bassist for Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, he’s currently on tour with his brothers in the Victor Wooten Band with the Stanley Clark Group.

To order Victor’s “A Show of Hands 15” or to find out upcoming tour date, visit him on the web at

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