MELBOURNE, 29 March 2011 – Dr Geoff Raby, Australian Ambassador to China since 2007 speaks on a range of topics, following his address for Asialink – Asia Society AustralAsia Centre and the Australia China Business Council.

Having earlier focused on the ramifications for Australia of China’s most recent five-year plan, in this interview we get Dr Raby’s thoughts on broader business, social, cultural and diplomatic issues of the day, as follows:

1. Do you have some key advice for Australian businesses wishing to cement themselves in the Chinese market?

2. What is your assessment of Sino-Japanese relations following the latter country's earthquake, tsunami and now nuclear crisis?

3. This year the Chinese Government has been accused of obstructing internet services including but not limited to Gmail. Will these continued allegations have a serious impact on global engagement with China?

4. Is Australia's public image in China improving; or are we seen simply as a mine?

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