Had some fun setting up an AU with evil Guy and Marian. I'm going to explain it since otherwise I'm afraid everyone will be confused.

The first part fits really well with the song E.T. Futuristic Lover by Katy Perry. Marian is drawn into a slightly scary and thrilling relationship with Guy and they end up married. Timing wise this is before Robin becomes an outlaw but right after he returns.

Then Marian starts learning "tricks of the trade" from Guy, accompanying him on his business and attending hangings. She also notices and dissaproves of Vasey's behavior towards him.

One day Vasey goes too far, and she decides its time to end him so that she and Guy can rule Nottingham. She meets Guy in secret and informs him of her plan that he kill Vasey.

Guy does as he is told but Vasey overpowers him. Little does Guy know that Marian is watching from the shadows and kills Vasey right before he kills Guy.

Then they go very Bonnie and Clyde meets the French Revolution instituting a reign of terror in Nottingham. However, at this point Robin has become an outlaw under Vasey's reign. He watches from the sidelines before deciding what to do.

Evil AU videos in order:
1. Futuristic Lovers Guy and Marian
2. Robin
3. The Gauntlet

Clips from: Robin Hood, The Tudors, The Other Boleyn Girl

Just for Fun Not for Profit! :)

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