Let's take one more step in Side Crow and lift it into Side Crane. Just like when we started with Crow Pose, we made a shelf with our arms. Then once we built our strength and confidence we lifted our Crow into the straight armed version of Crane. Let's do the same here, but with a twist!

So after warming up with some Sun Salutations, core work, and twists, get right down to the business of Side Crane.

1. Squat down and place your hands shoulder width apart, fingers spread, palms flat

2. Twist your knees to the side and create a strong connection between your knee and your upper arm

3. Shift the weight forward into your hands, engage, you core, and lift your feet up, keeping your arms straight and your hip OFF of your other arm!

4. Breathe! Can you stay for 5 breaths?

5. Repeat on the other side and balance out your body

Once you have mastered this version, you can keep stepping to the next level by going back to each Side Crow Variation and practicing it this time with straight arms. There is never an end to the growth!

Happy Flying!

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